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Hotels Rimini 3 Stars with swimming pool

At the Gambrinus Hotel in Marebello you can choose between the fun on the beach, as only the Romagna Riviera can make it, or the quieter and more relaxing pleasure of the swimming pool in the hotel with slide and games for children, a few steps from the Adriatic Sea, as in a tourist village.
This is the advantage of choosing a 3-star hotel in Rimini with all-inclusive swimming pool: the thrill of a holiday in Romagna, unique for its hospitality, combined with the carefree all-inclusive village formula.
The swimming pool, outside the hotel, is guarded during opening hours (9.30-12.00 in the morning and 15.30-19.00 in the afternoon), before and after lunch (the hotel is full board), and is the ideal environment for families with children and young people to relax in a less crowded environment, enjoying a break from the sea, while continuing to sunbathe on the sun beds available.

In the swimming pool with free parks by the sea

Leaving the hotel towards the sea, the fun remains in the swimming pool, with many original activities at the facilities affiliated with the hotel, all within walking distance or by bus, with entrance to the park, free for the whole family.
The beach that has an agreement with the hotel is that of the 104/A, 104/C and 105 baths, united in a single bathing establishment to multiply spaces and services, including the entertainment park (Marebello Beach) with its large swimming pool and numerous recreational activities within it, to which the access of customers all inclusive of the Gambrinus hotel is unlimited from Monday to Friday.
Also with the all-inclusive village formula and just a few steps from the sea, you can spend a free day for the whole family at the Skaramacai Park in Bellariva di Rimini, a children's playground with elastic nets, inflatable nets and swimming pool, and at the Beach Village in Riccione (on the border with Rimini), which can be reached by the free shuttle bus leaving from the hotel, a water park with 3 swimming pools, slides of all kinds (for children and adults) and lots of activities (mini club, games and creative workshops, sports tournaments, group dances, aquagym, water dance)

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