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Hotel in Rimini with entertainment and swimming pool

With the village formula you have all the pleasures and services of a village with animation, so you can spend fun holidays for children, but not only, because we know how much you care about your children The 3-star Gambrinus Hotel offers you all the fun of a hotel in Rimini with entertainment and swimming pool, with lots of ideas for your holidays with children, in the hotel and on the sea of the Riviera Romagnola: the children's playground, inside the hotel; the entertainment activities in the swimming pool with slides and inflatables, during meals and the evening baby dance, together with the many shows of Rimini Village; the entertainment held on the beach of Marebello Beach for children and adults, with games and attractions for the fun of the whole family.
Every day on the Riviera Romagnola, for your children, with the animation at the beach and in the hotel, is like a beautiful birthday party, in the fun of the whole family.

Animation in the hotel and on the beach by the sea

Holidays with entertainment, as in the tourist village, include activities both in the hotel and on the beach, during the day and in the evening, because in Emilia Romagna it is always a holiday.
In the hotel there is a well-equipped outdoor play area where you can play safely near your mum and dad. During meals a nice staff of entertainers will keep children of all ages company, and in the evening a funny baby dance, so loved by all children!
To end the evening in fun, at the park in front of the hotel, many funny shows in Rimini Village: cabaret, dancing, children's parades and much more.
Every day at the beach (Marebello Beach) of the Hotel Gambrinus there are fun activities for everyone, both adults and children, who can choose to take part in Caribbean dances, Beach Volley tournaments for the more sporty and cheerful mini club for the little ones.
All the best you could wish for from a family holiday in Rimini, on the Adriatic Coast, even better by taking advantage of free all-inclusive children's offers.

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